Cream of pumpkin soup with sour cream sauce. Halloween. Top view

4 recipes for warm & savory pumpkin soup

Whip up some warm, wonderful pumpkin soup More than just a way to decorate the front porch, the humble pumpkin actually has an important role to play in American history. Hundreds of years ago, the orange squash was commonly considered a nutritious, filling and versatile…

Baked Apple Cinnamon Rolls for Thanksgiving or Christmas breakfast |

Baked apple cinnamon rolls

Fill your house with the sweet aroma of homemade baked apple cinnamon rolls for breakfast with this easy recipe! These soft and chewy cinnamon rolls and filled with sweet chopped apples flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg. For a little extra sweetness, drizzle a glaze over…

flavor roasted pumpkin seeds

6 fab ways to flavor roasted pumpkin seeds

6 fab ways to flavor roasted pumpkin seeds Do not let those pumpkin seeds go to waste! Another activity to keep the fun going after carving your pumpkins is roasting and eating the seeds. First, separate the seeds from the pumpkin innards, clean and dry, and take them over…

The best basic pan gravy on top of mashed potatoes |

How to make the best basic turkey gravy

Classic Thanksgiving turkey gravy is made using the rich, flavorful drippings that remain in the roasting pan after the turkey is done. Here’s how to do it! Tips to make the best turkey gravy, right from the pan 1. Traditional gravy is best made right in…

Gingersnap mummy truffle bites

Gingersnap mummy truffle bites

These bite-sized sweet treats are spooktacular for Halloween! There’s no baking involved, they’re super cute, and the gingersnap flavor is perfect this time of year. The goblins in your house, whether little or big, will love this dessert. These would make a great addition to your child’s Halloween party—they’re…


The Great Pumpkin Pie recipe

No matter how many helpings of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes are consumed during Thanksgiving dinner, there is always room for pie. Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving staple that is here to stay and while there are many variations and creative twists on the classic, a…


13 cute Halloween cookie recipes

Halloween doesn’t have to be all ghoulish and gross! It can still be cutesy and festive, especially if you have little ones who get spooked easily. These 13 Cute Halloween Cookies will delight all ages.


10 scary-healthy Halloween recipes

This Halloween, delight your favorite costumed ghouls with these eerie treats that may look sickening, but won’t actually make them sick! Best of all, these treats are healthy… or, at least, healthier than a dinner of a dozen fun-size candy bars. From skinny desserts to savory…