Jillian Harris talks to Thanksgiving.com

Jillian Harris Gets In the Holiday Spirit with Thanksgiving.com

Jillian Harris of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” and HGTV’s “Love It Or List It, Too” fame LOVES the holidays and chatted with us about all of her wintertime favorites! So if you’re in need of a new holiday dress, a hostess gift idea, a Christmas cocktail recipe, and of course, decorating tips, we’ve got the best of Jillian to guide you!

TG: What would you bring as a hostess gift to friend’s holiday dinner?
JH: A vintage tray with something cute and meaningful on top like a gorgeous favourite scented VOLUSPA candle and homemade Christmas baked goods.

TG: What are you sipping on New Year’s Eve?
JH: Champagne, of course! Or maybe a homemade cocktail … you will have to wait and see!

TG: Favorite destination to travel in the winter?
JH: My place in Maui! It is so relaxing and my home away from home.

TG: Must-have cold weather wardrobe staple?
JH: My Sorel boots and Aritzia parka, hands down.  

TG: No. 1 tip for hosting a holiday dinner?
JH: Get EVERYTHING prepared ahead of time—I mean everything. Set the table, create the centerpieces, bake the pies, prep the veggies and casseroles, pull out all of the pots and pans you’ll need, et cetera.

TG: Favorite store or site to buy a holiday dress?
JH: There are so many, how would I pick just one!? Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Chicwish, JH for PRIV, the list goes on.

Jillian Harris talks to Thanksgiving.com

TG: Tips for making holiday decor classy and not tacky?
JH: I try to keep everything white and classic. I’m not a huge fan of a tacky Christmas so like to keep my decorations neutral and add in pops of colour here and there with the help of real wreaths and garlands. 

TG: Favorite holiday tradition?
JH: Having a sleepover with all of my cousins and family members on Christmas Eve!

TG: No. 1 thing on your Christmas wish list?
JH: I’m not asking for anything this year. I hate Christmas being all about presents. I just want everyone to be happy, healthy and relax!

TG: How do you give back around the holidays?
JH: I sponsor a family for Christmas (this year I want to sponsor more than one) and I try my best to donate as much as possible to the Food Bank so that as many bellies are as full as possible. 

TG: Will you make a New Years resolution?
JH: Of course I will … how long I will stick to it is the real question, haha. 

TG: Favorite must-watch holiday movie?
JH: I love all of the Christmas movies and the original versions—I know, I’m old and vintage.

TG: Stocking stuffer ideas for your significant other?
JH: I am making a gift guide for everyone on your list and stocking ideas on JillianHarris.com. You’ll have to check it out!

TG:Best dish to bring to a wintertime potluck?
JH: I always like bringing a dessert because people seem to forget about it when they choose their own dish. Something like a warm apple pie or a bread pudding paired with a warm holiday drink. 

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