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Baked chocolate gelt pecan pie - Amazing! |

Chocolate gelt pecan pie

Chocolate gelt, the gold-foil-encased coins that represent the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, have their own unique chocolaty flavor and you can really taste it’s creamy quality in this pecan pie. The combination of dark corn syrup, sweet pecans, rich chocolate gelt and an easy homemade…

Jewish friendly green beans for thanksgiving |

Green beans with schmaltz fried shallots

What’s more Jewish than schmaltz, right?!? This rendered fat from a chicken is traditionally used in place of butter and adds tons of flavor to fried dishes, matzo balls and pretty much anything you can think of that contains oil. The crunchy green beans topped…

Thanksgiving stuffing made with pumpkin challah |

Pumpkin challah stuffing

Shake up your Thanksgiving stuffing by using homemade challah, a traditional Jewish braided egg-bread served on Sabbath and holidays. You can use any type of challah, including garlic or whole wheat, but the pumpkin challah in this recipe works perfectly with the fall flavors of dried herbs,…