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Tomato tart makes a great Thanksgiving appetizer or side dish |

Tomato and Gouda Tartlets

In this savory Thanksgiving side dish, yellow cherry tomatoes find a tasty pairing with Gouda, which is the perfect filling for these hearty, whole-wheat tart shells. Adding these tartlets to your Thanksgiving menu is a great way to bring something new to a table filled…

Herb roasted turkey with homemade shallot gravy for Thanksgiving |

Herb roasted turkey with shallot gravy

Whether you look forward to a juicy turkey on Thanksgiving and see it as the centerpiece of the entire meal, or you just see it as a vehicle for gravy, it’s simply not Thanksgiving without it. One bad experience with a dry bird is all…

Clean Pumpkin Pie in a Jar |

Clean pumpkin pie in a jar

There are a few things that are pretty much synonymous with Thanksgiving, and pumpkin pie is high on that list. We’ve found a way to keep all that you love about this classic dessert, while adding in Greek yogurt, which is packed with protein and calcium,…