Tortillas filled with beef, chicken and shrimps

12 Festive Cinco de Mayo Snack Recipes

Cinco de Mayo, or May 5, is the date Mexico and the United States celebrate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day, in the U.S. we celebrate with traditional and modern Mexican cuisine, margaritas, sombreros, mariachi music, and maybe even a piñata. 

This year, get in the spirit and have a fiesta! One of these creative Cinco do Mayo snack recipes are sure to please a crowd of revelers.

cheesy, creamy dip for chips
This creamy, cheesy queso blanco dip recipe is the ultimate party snack.
tortillas stuffed with a spicy cream cheese filling
Dip these spicy, creamy taco tortilla stacks into a bowl of salsa!
chicken fajitas turned into taquitos
Turn your favorite Mexican dinner into these hand-held chicken fajita taquitos.
hardboiled eggs filled with guacamole
Stuff hardboiled eggs with guacamole for some tasty guacamole deviled eggs!
Shrimp, corn and tomatillo ceviche
This shrimp, tomatillo and corn ceviche from Verses from my Kitchen is bright and flavorful, and easy to eat when served in individual glasses.
corn on the cob topped with cilantro, lime, paprika and cotija cheese
Grilled Mexican Street Corn makes a convenient finger food on skewers!
nachos with chorizo and white queso sauce
How smart to prepare mini plates of gourmet chorizo nachos to save the hassle of self-serving!
thick homemade corn tortillas topped with beans, cheese and lettuce
Try some Mexican sopes, basically thick corn tortillas topped with refried beans, lettuce, and cheese.
Chex Mix made in the slow cooker and with ranch and taco seasoning
Slow Cooker Fiesta Ranch Chex Mix is crunchy, spicy, and packed with ranch and taco flavors!
poblano peppers stuffed with shrimp, bacon and cheese For this chile rellano rustica recipe, just stuff poblano peppers with bacon, shrimp, tomatoes, and a homemade cilantro cream sauce, and top with melty shredded cheese.
chile powder and cayenne sprinkled over fruit
Add a fruity twist to your Cinco de Mayo with sweet and spicy chile lime mango and papaya.
mole chicken wings with a tequila lime marinade
These mole chicken wings with tequila lime marinade from Eat the Love are tender, juicy, smoky, and sweet after being coated in a homemade chocolate-chile mole sauce!