14 fruity mother's day desserts

14 fruity Mother’s Day dessert recipes

How will you make mom feel special this Mother’s Day? Breakfast in bed? A bouquet of fresh flowers? Chocolates? Jewelry? A family brunch? If you’re hosting your mama this year, one of these 14 Fruity Mother’s Day Dessert Recipes will surely make her happy. From bars to cakes, ice cream to tarts, there’s something for every Mom!

This 2 ingredient fruity chocolate bark is tart and sweet and chocolaty
Tart dried fruit and dark chocolate make a killer combination in this fruity chocolate bark.
Peach and Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake
Take advantage of peach season with this peach and blueberry Greek yogurt cake.
fruit and cream tart
These fruit and cream mini tarts are the prettiest bite-sized dessert to share during a Sunday celebration.
Vanilla Bean Lemon Curd
Smear this smooth vanilla bean lemon curd on muffins, scones, donuts—whatever!
Rustic Strawberry Peach Tart
Use summer’s bounty to bake this rustic peach and strawberry galette.
Quick and easy watermelon sorbet
Tell your mom she’s “one in a melon” with this light 4-ingredient watermelon sorbet.
Cheesecake bars with lemon and blueberry
These creamy lemon and blueberry cheesecake bars are juicy and tart.
"Donuts" made of watermelon and whipped cream make a light and fruity dessert
Watermelon donuts are topped with a vanilla-coconut whipped cream for a light treat!
blueberry cobbler
Blueberry slump, also know as cobbler, has biscuits, fruit, and ice cream.
banana splits on a stick
Prepare these pineapple and banana split sticks beforehand for a mess-free Mother’s Day dessert!
Melt In Your Mouth Orange Creamsicle Truffles
Dip these melt-in-your mouth orange creamsicle truffles in chocolate in dark chocolate!
Apples, Snickers and pudding make up this Apple Snickers Salad Dessert
Green apples, Snickers candy bars, Cool Whip, vanilla pudding, and caramel make this awesome apple Snickers salad.
frozen mojitos on  stick
These kiwi lime mojito pops are minty and tart and will keep you cool all summer long.