Cheesy Slow Cooker Bacon and Broccoli Dip

Cheesy Slow Cooker Bacon and Broccoli Dip

Everyone loves a delicious dip, particularly an easy-peasy one. Especially a dip that does not require you turn on your oven in the spring and summer heat. This dip emphasizes the delicious and classic combination of broccoli and bacon. And requires minimal effort, a mixture…

sweet potato and caramelized onion mac and cheese

Sweet Potato and Caramelized Onion Mac and Cheese

This mac and cheese is super hearty while also being quite healthy thanks to seasonal ingredients of caramelized onions and sweet potatoes. This pasta recipe is satisfying and will keep you full for a while! If you serve macaroni and cheese with your Thanksgiving feast,…

Cheesy one pot pizza pasta

One Pot Pizza Pasta

In the same amount of time you can bake a frozen pizza in the oven, you can whip together this much tastier, healthier One Pot Pizza Pasta! The beauty of this pasta recipe is that you can toss in any of your favorite pizza toppings….

Stacked enchiladas stuffed with cheese and topped with roasted hatch chile sauce

Roasted Hatch Chile and Corn Stacked Enchiladas

Have you ever considered stacking your enchiladas instead of rolling them? We like it for many reasons. For one, you can stack as much filling and cheese on top of your tortillas as you wish—whereas, if you roll them, only so much filling will fit…

Crostini with soft cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil

Stracciatella, Tomatoes, and Basil Crostini

This beautiful summer appetizer recipe only has 6 ingredients. Which is perfect for hosting a summertime barbecue because no one wants to be indoors slaving away in a hot kitchen. This recipe for Stracciatella, Tomatoes, and Basil Crostini is bright, cool, and creamy. But you’re probably…

sliced potatoes with garlic, rosemary, and Asiago

Asiago, Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Potato Galette

Move over, mashed potatoes. Hit the road, twice baked potatoes. Beat it, scalloped potatoes! This recipe for Asiago, Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Potato Galette is where it’s at! Skip all those boring potato recipes you’re used to and serve this creamy, garlicky potato galette on Easter. Not…

Use up Thanksgiving leftover turkey and cranberries in this turkey quesadilla with homemade cranberry salsa recipe |

Cheesy Turkey Quesadilla with a Cranberry Salsa

OK, we have the most delicious way to use up those Thanksgiving leftover cranberries and turkey! This Cheesy Turkey Quesadilla with a Cranberry Salsa recipe makes the perfect weekend lunch or dinner, and the kids will love it too! With just a few simple ingredients, these…

Pumpkin Stuffing with Gruyere and Pancetta |

Pumpkin Stuffing with Gruyere and Pancetta

While we all have that holiday stuffing recipe that we grew up with, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up. With this Pumpkin Stuffing with Gruyere and Pancetta recipe, you get the smoky flavor of pancetta, the tang of Gruyere, and a cheesy and moist texture!…

Pumpkin beer mac and cheese |

Pumpkin Beer Mac and Cheese with Caramelized Onions

Macaroni and cheese has always been a staple at our Thanksgiving table. Depending on which family member makes it, it can range from super cheesy to stuffed with vegetables or bacon. For this macaroni and cheese I combined my three favorite things – cheese, beer…

cheesy pumpkin scalloped potatoes

Cheesy pumpkin scalloped potatoes

Thanksgiving is about gratitude. It’s also about friends and family. And let’s be honest, it’s a little bit about indulgence, too. What is more indulgent than cheese, pumpkin and potatoes in the fall?! Serve up this cheesy scalloped potato recipe and you’ve got the best…