11 Printable Pumpkin-Carving Templates Plus New Ways to Eat the Seeds

We make carving easy this Halloween with pumpkin-carving templates! These carving patterns are a simple way for kids (old enough to wield a sharp object) and adults alike to create pumpkin masterpieces of their very own. Of course you could carve some cool pumpkins freehand, but why take the risk when we make it so easy to create more detailed and imaginative jack-o-lanterns?

How to use pumpkin-carving stencils

  1. Prepare pumpkin by cutting a circle around the stem to create a lid, then gut the pumpkin (reserve the seeds for roasting!).
  2. Print the stencils you’d like to use and tape the stencil to the best-looking side of the pumpkin.
  3. Using the transfer tool from your pumpkin carving kit (even a toothpick or a pen would work), press tiny holes around the lines of your stencil pattern, being sure that you can see the holes, but that you’re not pushing all the way through the pumpkin.
  4. Lastly, carefully cut along the dots and push out the pumpkin flesh to reveal your design.

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6 Mind-blowing ways to flavor roasted pumpkin seeds

Do not let those pumpkin seeds go to waste! Another activity to keep the fun going after carving your pumpkins is roasting and eating the seeds. First, separate the seeds from the pumpkin innards, clean and dry, and take them over the top with one of these crunchy, festive pumpkin seed recipes!

Cookie Butter Pumpkin SeedsCookie Butter Candied Pumpkin Seeds
These Cookie Butter candied pumpkin seeds are candied with pumpkin butter and topped with a sprinkle of salt
Fiery Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds
Fiery Sriracha Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Fiery Sriracha roasted pumpkin seeds will turn the heat up on your Halloween.
Bourbon and Brown Sugar Pumpkin Seeds
Bourbon and brown sugar roasted pumpkin seeds
Make roasted pumpkin seeds even better by make them boozy! These bourbon and brown sugar roasted pumpkin seeds will haunt your dreams.
Curried Pumpkin Seeds
super easy curried pumpkin seeds
Curried pumpkin seeds add a little ethnic flavor to your salty, crunchy snack. Plus, when roasted and lightly seasoned, they’re a really healthy and flavorful treat.
These drunken pumpkin seeds are seasoned with Jack Daniels whiskey, bacon drippings, brown sugar and salt—I mean have you ever?!
Roasted pumpkin seeds seasoned three ways
These roasted pumpkin seeds—seasoned three ways offers recipes for salt and vinegar, “cinnasweet,” and pepper and lime flavored pumpkin seeds. Yum!