How to throw the best Friendsgiving


A Thanksgiving feast held by and for friends.
Scroll down for all the Friendsgiving party ideas you’ll ever need!

When is Friendsgiving 2018?


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The most important component of Thanksgiving – aside from friends and family – is the food. But when it comes to Friendsgiving, it’s the food and the booze. Luckily, we’ve got a menu perfect for anyone planning a Friendsgiving this year.

Do your friends love drinking so much that they don’t just cook with wine, sometimes they pour it in the food? Then our menu of alcohol-infused recipes is for you. Are you and your friends on the Keto bandwagon? Follow our keto-friendly menu. If you’re hosting some vegan and/or gluten-free eaters, we’ve got diet-appropriate Friendsgiving dishes for every course. And if you just want to go all out and feel as satisfied and full as possible – whip up our our cheesy, fatty Friendsgiving menu (hey, you only live once!).

Are you stuck in your college dormitory or apartment away from home? Here’s how you can serve up a tasty, easy Friendsgiving meal using just your microwave.

Speaking of easy – don’t want to cook? It is possible to throw a chic Friendsgiving with food bought from fast food restaurants. Find out how here. And if you just love the idea of having bars after bars after bars – we’re talking food bars, not just alcohol – then take a look at all the different kind of food (and booze) bars you can build this year.

Be thankful, feel thankful and spread the thankfulness.

Make your Friendsgiving party lit

“I’m thankful for Friendsgiving because it’s all the eating and drinking without the judgement.” –Anonymous

Decorating ideas


Other Friendsgivingideas

If you want to throw the best Friendsgiving, you’re going to need to push the boundaries a bit. Send digital e-vites to your friends, set a Friendsgiving theme (Ugly christmas sweater Friendsgiving? Too soon?), opt for brunch rather than dinner, teach your guests new drinking games or adorn the feast table with adult coloring pages (yes, we’ve created a Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ one because duh.).

You’re also going to need to know what not to do. Learn from previous Friendsgiving hosts’ mistakes – some of them are pretty comical – and follow these dos and don’ts for for a potluck dinner. Even better, stay organized with our Friendsgiving preparation timeline.

And often, the best parties are filled with unexpected components. Instead of asking your friends what they’re thankful for, we’ve rounded up 20 alternative questions that will get the table talking. Or you can teach your guests where Friendsgiving originated from – well, the theories about Friendsgiving’s origination that is.

Make your own memories, have fun and most of all, be grateful.