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Welcome to Thanksgiving.com

We know the holidays can be hectic. All those to-do lists and Tupperware containers, precise measurements and cooking times, shattered glasses and cakes that don’t rise. Sometimes it overwhelms us, too.

But the holidays are also toasts and laughter, crackling fires and warm hugs, hours spent with your very favorite people on planet Earth.

Thanksgiving is more than a meal – it’s a state of heart.

Grateful is the company behind some of your favorite lifestyle sites, including Thanksgiving.com, FoodBlogs.com and Grateful.co. We’re committed to helping you express what’s in your heart through food, beverages, décor, crafts and all the things, big and small, that make the holidays special. Our growing collection of recipes, how-to videos, tutorials and guides have been created and tested by our world-class experts in all things hearth and home.

Grateful is more than great content. Grateful is a family.

When co-founder Kyle Cox was brainstorming names for his new startup, he was 99 percent settled on Sublime. But one day while shooting videos, one word seemed to keep popping up among the crew: Grateful. As in, “I’m so grateful to be working with all of you.” “Grateful for everyone’s knowledge and expertise.” “Grateful for everyone’s passion and drive.” “Grateful to have found a home.”

Kyle said the word again: Grateful.

That word was everything. Everything he felt, and everything he wanted the world to feel.

That’s why our doers and dreamers are committed to doing the best for each other, and for you. Which is to say, we’re grateful for you.

Welcome to Thanksgiving.com, America’s home for the holidays.

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