1. robert kinsley

    Made this dish last weekend. It was a big hit with my group of neighbors and friends.

  2. Jack Burton

    While this is a good way, we much prefer the high heat — let stand method. Preheat the over to 450, place room-temp roast in and allow to cook for 6 minutes per pound for rare, 7 minutes per pound for medium. Turn the oven off after the planned time and just let the roast sit for two hours in the slowly decreasing oven. After two hours take it out and let stand for about 30 minutes. (DO NOT PEEK with the oven door open during any of this time.) Our prime rib has come out consistently perfect every time.

  3. Linda Brennan

    I just read your recipe for prime rib…….My favorite meal…can’t wait to try this. Looks fantastic! Thank you.

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