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10 boozy Thanksgiving desserts

Adding new favorites to the traditional Thanksgiving dessert menu can be easily achieved by recipes that incorporate booze into the list of ingredients!

Alcohol that is cooked or baked mostly evaporates, but when added to unheated fillings and frosting, it maintains its alcoholic content, and, therefore, should be reserved for adults only.

These boozy dessert recipes incorporate alcohol into floats, pies, cakes, you name it — so this year, you can get a little bit of a buzz with your sugar high.

Beer and bacon pecan bars

A savory dessert, Beer and bacon pecan bars from The Beeroness combine pecans, various sugars, heavy cream, bacon and stout for a salty and sweet treat.

Try these boozy Beer bacon pecan pie bars

Chocolate and Irish cream cupcakes

A pretty little work of art with luscious chocolate and Irish cream, Chocolate and Irish cream cupcakes from A Salad For All Seasons has Irish cream hidden everywhere including in the cupcake batter and delicious ganache!

Spiked apple cider floats

Complete with ice cream, hard cider, bourbon, apple schnapps, and a homemade cinnamon simple syrup, these Spiked apple cider floats from Food Plus Words will impress.

spiked apple cider floats

Boozy pumpkin eggnog pie

Boozy pumpkin eggnog pie from Pineapple and Coconut is what happens when pumpkin, eggnog and Maker’s Mark Bourbon get together. We call it a party!

a twist on pumpkin pie with eggnog and bourbon

Boozy sparkling cranberries

A syrup made with Crown Royal Maple and brown sugar gives flavor to Boozy sparkling cranberries from Bake Love Give as they soak overnight in the refrigerator. Remove from syrup and roll in granulated sugar to give them sparkle.

Sparkling boozy cranberries soaked in whiskey

Bourbon and spice cupcakes

Bourbon and spice cupcakes from Spicy Southern Kitchen are deliciously made with cinnamon and nutmeg and have a splash of bourbon in the batter and in the frosting, making them adult-only cupcakes.

With a splash of bourbon in the batter and in the frosting, these are adult-only cupcakes

Hard cider cinnamon cupcakes with Caramel whiskey apples and whiskey buttercream

Hard cider cinnamon cupcakes with Caramel whiskey apples and whiskey buttercream from Veggie and the Beast Feast are cored and filled with a caramel apple concoction. If you want to make the cupcakes kid-friendly, you can substitute regular apple cider in the cake, and water for the whiskey in the apple filling.

hard cider cinnamon cupcakes

Dark chocolate whiskey cupcakes

Is whiskey really just for men? You’ll find coffee and whiskey in these women approved Dark chocolate whiskey cupcakes from Simply Taralynn!

dark chocolate plus bourbon plus cupcakes

Pumpkin beer float

A fun dessert drink, the Pumpkin beer float from Blog Lovin’ can be made in a snap using Snap Liqueur, a spicy gingersnap liqueur!

pumpkin beer and ice cream, it's that easy

Spiked apple crisp shooters

Turn boring old apple crisp into a crowd pleaser with butterscotch schnapps in these Spiked apple crisp shooters from Holiday Cottage Page!

apple crisps with butterscotch schnapps

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